At Kenny Orthotics, we measure, construct, and fit custom-made foot orthotics, to relieve symptoms such as foot, heel, and knee pain. A foot condition can manifest in many ways, such as limiting a favourite sport or activity, causing a child "growing pains", or producing discomfort that simply inhibits your enjoyment of life. Serious foot problems may also stem from conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

Each client is assessed thoroughly, before a unique shoe insert is designed to help correct and alleviate their specific condition. Depending on a client's age, activity level, weight, footwear type, and severity of foot condition, differing combinations of material types and orthotic designs are selected.

Foot orthotics are designed to perform two main functions:

If you have been experiencing any of the common symptoms related to foot conditions, you may benefit from a professional assessment and the relief available from foot orthotics.

We always assess your footwear in conjunction with the provision of foot orthotics, as ill-fitting shoes may compromise the success of the foot orthotics and general foot health. We carry a range of diabetic and osteoarthritic footwear to compliment orthotic treatment, and also provide shoe modifications, such as shoe raises and rocker soles.

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