Kenny Orthotics, Bendigo

Patrick Kenny is a qualified orthotist and prosthetist, and heads up Kenny Orthotics, Bendigo. Graduating with Honours from Latrobe University in 1994, he has a wide-range of experience providing orthotic services in both Bendigo and Melbourne.

Pat takes pride in handcrafting foot orthotics, custom-made to address the symptoms of each client. His process of assessment is very thorough, including: an evaluation of foot biomechanics, an analysis of gait, and a discussion of any issues relating to foot pain or discomfort, including wider associated issues, such as diabetes or arthritis. If it is agreed that orthotics may be of assistance, Pat then takes impressions of the foot, together with required foot measurements.

A keen runner, Pat understands the critical role of foot biomechanics, not only in the performance of the feet, but for the body as a whole. He appreciates the added demands made on the foot by athletes, and the frustrations that foot pain causes people who enjoy making fitness a part of their lifestyle.

If you have been experiencing foot pain, knee pain, heel pain, or any of the symptoms or discomfort related to common foot conditions, you may benefit from Pat's professional assessment. People suffering from issues relating to diabetic or arthritic feet, can also find relief available from foot orthotics.

Patrick Kenny

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